what will be the new jobs and what jobs will likely have disappeared, in 2025.


There’s little argument to say that technology won’t be around within the next decade. Each year, our smartphones are becoming faster, our video game graphics better, and new and exciting technology is being released at a rapidly alarming rate. Within the next ten years, we can expect everyone to have a smartphone, laptop and internet access. Just imagine the possibilities of a world entirely connected. More internet users mean an even higher demand for technology related occupations, as a larger audience emerges into the digital universe. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information technology employment is expected to grow 12 percent until 2024, which almost faster than every other occupation.

What Type of Jobs Can You Expect in 2025?

Self Driving Car Engineers – With the rise of self driving automobiles, there is going to be a large surge for demand of self-driving related jobs. This field will need engineers, software developers, and marketing experts, to name a few. The demand for marketing related occupations will increase to 18 percent by 2025.

Drone Engineers – Another relatively new technology (in the field of consumers) are drones. These propeller powered machines are allowing for an entirely new way to explore the world. Like self driving cars, drone technology will require engineers, designers, graphic artists, and marketers.

Smart phones – Smart phone technology is getting better by the day. With the latest in ultra high processors, crystal clear displays, and voice/face recognition technology, the smart phone industry will need a number of professionals to handle sales, marketing, development and software.

Human Computer Tasks – Artificial intelligence is far from perfect, and there are some computer tasks that computers still can’t figure out on their own. “Human intelligence”, as it is referred to, will still be needed until we can absolutely perfect artificial machines.

Cloud Computing – Relating to the storing, managing, and processing of data, cloud computing requires network and software engineers, those with programming, security and information technology experience.

These core industries are seeing massive growth, and will ultimately be even more influential as 2025 approaches. Additionally, software and technology that promotes connectivity will also be extremely popular. A lot of our existing jobs will likely disappear due to the emergence of smart robots and artificial intelligence systems.

What Jobs Will Likely Disappear

Will the development of smart technology, a lot of our traditional jobs will disappear within the next decade, and most likely by 2025.

Here’s a few jobs that will probably be gone:

Driving related jobs – Companies like Tesla and Google are already developing self driving vehicles. But these cars work for much more than just the personal drivers, self driving technology is already being implemented into buses, huge 18-wheeler trucks, and taxi cars.

Agriculture – With the development of genetically modified foods, and an overall improvement in food technology, the majority of farming related jobs will be eliminated. This carries over to the harvesting of fishing as well.

Book Printing and Publishing – Gone will the days be of the making of paperback content. Newspaper usage is already plummeting downwards, and e-books are becoming more and more popular. In the future you’ll likely be reading 90 percent of your material from a digital device.

Cashiers – If you’ve set foot in certain fast-food restaurants, you know about this already. Technology is already being developed that will take away the need to use a checkout line, or receive help from that friendly grocery clerk.

Law Enforcement – This is a fun one, and seems far fetched. But cities such as Dubai are already trying out their new police force of robotic officers. These robots can respond to distress calls, come equipped with facial recognition, and can even give chase to would be criminals.

Technology: The Way of the Future

The rise of technology will do wonders in bringing everyone together. Automation will take away the majority of jobs that some consider menial. A lot of paper shuffling jobs, clerical jobs, reporting, accounting and insurance adjusting will no longer require human labor. As robotics paves the way for automation, we can only hope to have work in the future.

Ensure You’ll Have a Job in the Future

Even with automation, content creators will still be in high demand as we go into the next decade. The human element requires that we still keep people around to do special type of work. Anything from coaching, sales, marketing, health care, and technology and science related jobs will require human workers. In addition to technology related jobs, by 2025 there will be an even greater demand for medical technicians, veterinarians, physical therapists, and physicians. In-home aid jobs are expected to grow by nearly 40 percent.

We are coming closer and closer to full automation, but we aren’t there yet. A report by the World Economic Forum estimates that by 2020, at the very least 5 million jobs will have been lost to automation. Although 2025 will be a huge year for the world, and we will likely see some pretty amazing technologies and events, so long as you are constantly learning and educating yourself, you won’t fall behind.

written by Charlie Blackman on Sept 18th 2017

photo by Alex Knight from unsplash.com

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