I Dream of the USA. What Specialist Opportunities Will Likely Emerge Over the Next 15 Years ?


It’s important when choosing your life path to identify with the things you enjoy doing the most and you will be surprised how many careers exist that cater to the very things you love. Industries and professions grow and shrink over time offering an increase in job opportunities at particular times depending on the demand. Over the course of the next 15 years many industries will experience accelerated grow and thrive by contributing positively to the growth of the U.S. economy. This is especially true of the technology sector as we transition more aspects of lives into the digital realm.

This will create opportunities in software management, software development and systems maintenance. Building the latest and great tech gadget is wonderful, but the systems behind all these great inventions must be developed and maintained over the life of the products. However, there are some industries such as the construction sector that will demand more skilled labor at all levels of management to rebuild much of America’s crumbling infrastructure. As a result, over the next 15 years, we can expect the fastest growing industries in America to include informational technology companies, construction and clean renewable energy jobs as we continue to face the challenges associated with climate change.

The fastest growing industry in America right now is computer systems design. Every piece of technological development needs a system that it runs on. Qualified software engineers must not only develop these systems and mainframe infrastructures, but individuals must also be employed to maintain them when updates, patches or troubleshooting must occur.

Network and security specialist jobs are on the rise as well. Hacking is the new form of grand larceny. With expert hackers, driven by huge black market profits, are constantly on the hunt for weak security systems. They hack into the company’s mainframe and steal customer’s data and sensitive information that can be used to steal their identity. As we transition more of our lives into the cloud we are increasingly vulnerable to hackers. They must be fought with network police and security analysts.

Seven of the fastest growing professions are related to the construction industry and the reasons are clear. Our population is growing and people need places to live. New housing developments are going up across the country to meet the nation’s housing demand. This will create opportunities for architects, structural engineers and many trade specific jobs such as plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. Highway and bridge construction companies have been creeping up as well in the ranks as some of the fastest growing jobs in the United States. Skilled labor will be in demand over the next 15 years. Many of the bridges and highways across the United States are coming to the end of their useful lifespans. Cities are tearing down bridges and putting up new ones, Highways are being expanded and the foundations are being reinforced to withstand another century of road travel.

Another industry experience significant growth is the health care industry, specifically home health care. The baby boomer generation is getting older and the amount of people needing home health services is steadily increasing. This growth is expected to continue as this generation becomes more dependent on the help of others to assist in everyday activities. Some of the most in demand professions in this industry will include nurses, personal care assistants, homemakers, and companion counselors. Physical therapists and social serves workers will also see a spike in demand.

Specialized labor will be in big demand. Gaining these skills and learning a valuable in-demand trade can open up opportunities for teenagers and young adults across the United States and beyond. When particular skills are in demand and the talent pool diminishes we must reach to other countries to bring in talent to fill these jobs. This will create opportunities for immigrants to gain work and green card status in this country.

While following your dreams is important to evaluate the job market to see which fields are more in demand over others and see which industries align best with your hobbies, interests and passions. When you come to the point of deciding what direction you want to take your life in, these industries may be calling your name.

written by Thomas Kay on Sept 23rd 2017

photo by Guilherme Cunha from unsplash.com

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