the unemployment is high, will i have better chances if i apply for a lower position ?

For new young job seekers an opportunity is often times priceless. The unemployment numbers in this country fluctuate based on how well the U.S. economy is performing. When the U.S. economy is doing well, people make more money and as a result, this usually leads to job growth in all types of positions and fields, Some fields are more in demand than others, but in a healthy economy most job markets rise. This gives more people the opportunity to earn a decent living, while some are promoted to higher paying positions with more responsibility.

In a recession, when the U.S. economy is not doing well however, job competition can become fierce as companies begin to downsize. Some companies when they see profits shrink will sometimes lay people off. This forces the unemployment number to rise. This makes finding a job extremely difficult for many people, especially young hires and recent college graduates. As a young man or woman however, you should be focused on the opportunity to earn a wage, gain valuable experience and increase your work skills rather than how much salary you will be paid.

If you are fortunate enough to be offered a position with a company, then you should always consider taking it. Gain the experience needed to earn more responsibilities and then you can always move into something bigger and better. The higher paying jobs in the U.S. economy require varying degrees of experience that you may not have acquired just yet. If one position offers you less than you had hoped for take advantage of the opportunity, especially if the unemployment rate at the time is high.

Take the opportunity to focus, not on salary, but on doing a fine job and making a great first impression. In order to display your relevant experience on future job applications, you will need to have had a positive experience with every employer you meet. Your job history speaks for itself when future employers investigate your background to develop sense of your personal character and whether or not you will fit into the position they are looking to fill.

However, if you are a young adult with experience you should really look to build on it and increase your responsibilities and role within the next job you’re seeking. This is not always the case and as a result people are sometimes offered a position that is below their current level of experience. Some employers will offer a job to someone with more experience at a lower rate hoping to get more bang for their buck. However, most applicants will continue looking after they have been hired for the job. They continue to seek the place that that finally earns the wage their experience dictates.

Feel free to apply for a job that is below your skill and experience level but do not expect to always be offered it. Despite the unemployment rate, many employers will refuse to hire someone with more experience than they need and at a lower rate than the applicant deserves. For many companies an employee is an investment in their time. It costs money to process the applicant, order uniforms, and spend hours of lost productivity training a new worker to do a job. If they suspect that you are willing to leave at the first chance you get to make more money, they will be reluctant to hire you. Despite the fact that you have a ton of experience, the budget right now calls for someone below your pay grade. As a result do not expect your chances of being offered a lesser job to increases simply because you happened to apply and have more experience.

With this said, if you are unemployed, need the money or feel there is something positive you can take away from the position, then you should take it if you are fortunate enough to have it offered to you. But make a great impression no matter where you go in life. Treat everyone with respect and courtesy and they will remember your name and your face for all the right reasons. Somewhere down the road you never know, the positive interactions they had with you may help you land your dream job.

written by Thomas Kay on Sept 23rd 2017

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