you are in school temporarily, to learn for eternity, so why are you afraid to ask questions ?


Of all the decisions we make in life, the ones we make in high school are the most important. The decisions that are made here will affect the rest of one’s life.


Teenagers are exposed to social pressures and are likely to make decisions to “fit in”, rather than decisions that they really want to make. In these years, most teenagers may be involved in one or more of the following:

-Alcohol Abuse

-Drug Abuse

-Excessive partying

-Sexual Relationships

-Excessive social media

-Playing too much video games

At this stage in their lives, they are experiencing changes to their bodies, which might make them self-conscious. They may become withdrawn or introverted in class and not ask clarity seeking questions for fear of looking stupid or not to embarrass themselves in front of their peers. This negative behavior will have far-reaching consequences, as the learning foundation is unstable.


Adults often reflect on their high school life and regret not making the most of the opportunity that they had to learn, not preparing adequately for class and not reading prescribed material beforehand. It is therefore of utmost importance that students in high school make the most of the study time available. The decisions that are made in these years are the ones that will affect the rest of their lives.


The subject choices at high school level are so important in the road to the rest on one’s life. Some students may choose subjects just to be in the same class as their friends, and not pursue subjects that they have a great interest in. Sometimes, the subject choices are not as simple to select, as the student may still be unclear on what he/she wants to do after their high school career.

So what can one do to make the best of the high school years?


Students should begin to plan from as early as possible… plan for tests, plan for assignments, plan for relaxing time, plan for just about everything. One of the simple ways to plan is to draw up a checklist that itemizes the tasks to be completed with deadlines. Mark the progress against the plan to test how successful the plan was. This exercise, once embedded, will be beneficial life long as planning skills can be used in almost every environment.


Students should eat a healthy, balanced diet and have at least three nutritious meals a day. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. One should avoid junk food, excessive caffeine and soft drinks.


Although students need to be focused on study, there should also be a balance with physical activity. One does not need to be in the football team or baseball team. A simple leisurely walk daily is sufficient. This is also a good way to de-stress and take time to reflect on ones actions and decisions.


If a student is still unsure of the correct career path choices or require any advice on school matters, help is always available. A student can speak to their parents, guidance counsellors, upstanding role models or visit


Plan my life is a unique website. It offers the student a series of 15 questions. The questions are multiple choice and there are no right or wrong answers. Based on the students input of answers, the website will churn out possible career paths that the student may consider. This will help the student make informed choices to further enhance their future career.


A student only goes through high school once. Once that segment of one’s life has past, there are no second chances. One should seek advice from responsible successful people. There are no short cuts to success… only hard work. Don’t procrastinate, but rather “make hay while the sun shines”. Listen to your instincts and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

written by Savannah Parker on Sept 20th 2017

photo by John Mark Kuznietsov from

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