I dream of Africa. What jobs will it offer in the years to come.


If you dream of Africa, you’re in luck. Africa has a lot to offer. From vast serengetis, to growing cities, to a diverse population, it’s no surprise that interest in Africa is growing.

But if you’re interested in going to Africa, how can you make it happen? What kinds of opportunities are there in Africa, and what kinds of opportunities will there be in the coming years?

One area of work that may be available for people interested in working in Africa is the field of humanitarian charity work. A number of charities provide relief work to help improve the lives of impoverished Africans. AidForAfrica.org has a list of charities working in Africa on its website. You can use their list as a starting point for research into finding a charity to work with. You may be able to volunteer for one of these organizations or, depending on your qualifications, you may be able to find a job working with one of them.

Some of the many, many charities working in Africa include:

  • ChildVoice International
  • Action Africa
  • Books for Africa
  • HEAL Africa USA
  • World Hope International

Those are simply a few of the numerous charities doing work in Africa. Research the different options and find one that best meets your needs and interests.

Perhaps charity work isn’t your thing, however. and you’re looking for a job in a private corporation. Africa is seeing tremendous growth in a variety of industries, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a job at an African firm.

Africa is expected to soon have the fastest urbanization rate in the world, according to an analysis by the Harvard Business Review. African countries are expected to have larger workforces than either China or India by 2034. New technologies are creating new opportunities for both consumers and businesses — and that will also translate into new career opportunities for people interested in living in Africa.

Africa boasts 400 companies with revenue of more than $1 billion, for a combined annual income of $1.2 trillion, Harvard Business Review reports. These large firms are growing faster and are more profitable than similar companies around the world.

Harvard Business Review says there are six sectors that may experience large growth in Africa in the coming years. That means there’s a good chance these sectors will generate many new African jobs.

The sectors are: Wholesale and retail; food and agri-processing; health care; financial services; light manufacturing; and construction.

“All these sectors are characterized by high growth, high profitability, and low consolidation,” Harvest Business Review states. “In manufacturing in particular, we estimate that Africa could nearly double its output from $500 billion today to $930 billion in 2025. Three quarters of that potential could come from meeting domestic demand: today, Africa imports one-third of the food, beverages, and similar processed goods it consumes.”

Other strong industries in Africa, as reported by itnewsafrica.com, include: technology; agriculture; fianncial services — banking; oil and gas; and infrastructure.

Regardless of what opportunities you pursue in Africa, keep one final thing in mind: Africa is a continent, not a country — and it’s a vast continent, too. At 30 million square kilometers, the African continent is larger than the U.S., China, India, Mexico, Peru, France, Spain, Papua New Guinea, Sweden, Japan, Germany, Norway, Italy, New Zealand, the U.K., Nepal, Bangladesh and Greece — put together. That’s one massive continent!

If you do plan to work or volunteer in Africa, do some research ahead of time to help decide which part of Africa you’d like to spend time in. South Africa, for example, is starkly different from Angola or Liberia. Pick a country that matches with your particular goals and interests, and you won’t be disappointed as you make your dreams a reality and make your way to Africa.

written by Steven Evans on Sept 20th 2017

photo by Matthew Spiteri from unsplash.com

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