how important will other languages, such as the mandarin or arab, likely be in the future ?

No language has spread as widely and taken over the world as the English language. On the global map, the desire to learn English is becoming insatiable, because it serves as the main language for popular cultures and business. English spread widely simply because of the fact that England colonized a number of countries in the entire world.

But as things go, other little-known languages like the Arabic and mandarin may replace English in the future.

It is estimated that more than 7000 various languages are spoken in different countries around the world. Some of the world’s most widely spoken languages in terms of native speakers are the Mandarin Chinese, English Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Bengali, Japanese, French, and German.

The Mandarin Language on The Global Map

This study makes mandarin as one of the obvious rising languages in the entire universe. The main reason for this is the fact it has more speakers globally, estimated at 14 percent of the entire world population.

The Mandarin language is mainly spoken in China, and the economic growth of this country has clearly elevated the demand for this language. China has been the world’s largest exporter since the year 2010 and is following the United States of America when it comes to the largest economy in the world. In the future, Mandarin is likely to be used as a global language business, a fact that is recognized by most scholars worldwide.

It is also very important to note that the enthusiasm to learn this language has continued to spread to spread to all the corners of the world. Top rising economies like India and Colombia have opened learning institutions where they allow native speakers to teach in both primary and secondary schools. The Australian government is also not left behind.

Panama, for instance, has proposed legislation that will make mandarin classes compulsory in all the learning institutions. Just as this superpower country, China continues to grow; it appears that the fashion to learn mandarin and even adopt it as a foreign language will not stop.

The Arabic Language

Another language that is proving to be important is Arabic. In America, for example, the number of students studying this language has really gone up over the years. This is also the case with other students who are studying the language in known Arabic-speaking nations.

In the year 2002, there were only 562 students in America who were studying Arabic. By 2007, the number had hit 3, 399. This illustrates how speedy the Arabic language is growing and the impact they are likely to make in the future.

The Rise Of Portuguese Language

The other language that has a growing demand in the entire world is Portuguese. It is not becoming popular only for the native English speakers, but even for the native speakers of the Spanish language.

It is undeniable that Portuguese has been a vital world language, but it was just recognized recently as a major language for international relations and business. This can be attributed to the rising power of the economy of Brazil and even the two major events it hosted; 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2014 World Cup.

Portuguese is another language that is expected to be very important in the future and even replace some of the known ones like English.

Spanish Is Also On The Rise

The popularity of the Spanish language cannot be denied. It is actually the second most spoken language in the world today, following the Mandarin Chinese.

This language has 495 million speakers in the whole world, and about 18 million students are studying this learning Spanish as one of the foreign languages. It is also very important to note that the Spanish language is an official language in 21 countries. This just shows how the language is likely to capture the world map in the future.

The use of Spanish language through online sites has grown by 800 percent just in the last couple of years.

Now, this is what is important to know; it is forecasted that in 3 or 4 generations to come, about ten percent of the world’s population will understand Spanish. It is also predicted that the US alone will have the highest number of Spanish speakers, of course after Mexico.

With this growing statistics, Spanish will be one of the most important world’s languages in the future.

In conclusion, it is clear that it would be advantageous to learn some of the languages that have been highlighted here.

written by Jaz Jay on Sept 23rd 2017

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