Do Prestigious Professions of Yesterday Still Hold the Same Status Today?

When you think of a prestigious career what crosses your mind? A doctor, lawyer or engineer probably comes to mind. However, do these professions still hold the same status and ensure a life of luxury for those who pursue that path or are there more lucrative opportunities out there in this day and age? The development of technology combined with the explosion of business on the internet might make you think twice about the career you choose.

Job Market

What once provided job security and a high income level may not do the same for your generation. For instance, the market is saturated with lawyers. If you open a phone book or do an internet search for lawyers in your area, you may find no less than 100 results if you live in a small town. It is similar for doctors. When deciding which doctor to choose, it can be challenging because you have a wide selection. With so many people entering the same professions, it can be difficult to find a job or start a practice.

Student Loans

The cost of becoming a doctor, lawyer or engineer is very expensive. If your wish is to become a doctor, then you have to complete at least eight years of college. Then, if you want to specialize in a certain area of medicine, additional schooling is required. An engineering career also requires eight years of school. And, by the time you finish law school, you will have completed seven years of college. The cost of such education is phenomenal. Unless you’re fortunate enough to be able to pay for college as you go, you will have to depend on student loans. Student loans can take many years to pay off which means that any income from your well-paying job will be spent on student loans. Many professionals put off getting married, buying a home or having children because they can’t afford it due to student loans. In addition to the student loans, these professions require a lot of hard work, determination and dedication.

Development of Technology

The explosion of technology has opened up a wealth of opportunities for those entering the workforce. The great thing about information technology is that you can get a great job after completing just two years of education. Gone are the days when you had to spend eight years in school to be considered successful. Of course, you may need more education than two years. It just depends on which area of information technology you enter and where you live. Four years of college in this field will allow you to rise through the ranks and really develop your career. Usually, technology jobs are flexible and often allow you to set your own schedule or work from home. If you decide on this profession, the possibilities are endless.


Due to the internet, businesses have developed at a fast pace. With the development of these businesses comes the need for business managers and accountants. You can complete business school in as little as two to four years which means you shouldn’t have a ridiculous student loan bill when you finish and you can start to enjoy the fruits of your labor soon after you graduate. And, like information technology, jobs in the business world can offer you flexibility. Because of the world wide web, you are not necessarily required to work a 9-5 job. Most work can be completed over the internet allowing you to work when you want.

Of course, doctors, lawyers and engineers are still highly respected and those are all noble careers. If you choose a career that requires many years of college, you must weight the benefits with the negative aspects. Remember, not only will you be in school for a long time, but it is going to be at least seven to eight years of hard work. Instead of going out with friends, you will need to spend your time studying. That is the only way to get through the education requirements for these professions. But, if you desire a fast-track to starting your adult life where you can get married, buy a home and have a family, then you have several other options.

written by Miranda Smith on Sept 23rd 2017

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