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Are you someone who struggles to achieve their goals? Are you constantly finding that you do not have enough time in the day to get everything done?

Fret not, a more efficient day starts with a simple adjustment in your overall organization. Maybe you are someone who works better with incentives, or just needs to write down their daily goals in order to complete them. Whatever it may be, we will be offering you some tips to jumpstart you on your path to a more efficient and productive day.

Becoming successful starts with proper organization. All highly successful people have one thing in common: they practice excellent time management. Organizing your day can only make you a more efficient, focused individual.

Knowing how to organize your day can be tough. Where’s the best place to start? Since each person is different, they will most likely have different techniques that work well for their own needs and expectations. So what’s the best way to get started?

Start with Time

For the most part, how we spend our time is up to us. We may spend an hour cleaning, two hours studying, and half an hour in the shower. Other people might take ten minutes to clean, one hour to shower, and half an hour to study. Since everyone is different, it is important that you realize opinions on time differ between people. How you choose to spend your time and what actions you prioritize are your choice. But, when working on organizing your day, you need to realize the importance of proper time management.

Life is a journey. You should be striving towards self improvement and focusing on your passions. Successful organization starts with optimism, ambition, and determination. Spend some time writing down your short term and long term goals, these will help you when it comes time to organize your day.


So, you’ve made your goals, and are ready to make your day more efficient. You realize that your time is valuable, and must be organized to maximize success.

Here are some tips to help you organize your day to achieve better efficiency:

Plan Ahead of Time

Each night, create goals or tasks that you’d like to accomplish for the next day. A journal, planner, or post-it note can be super useful here. Make sure to find a balance between work goals and personal activities, as well as short term and long term goals. Maybe you need to get some homework done (work), read that book you just picked up (personal), or go for that hike. Whatever it may be, writing it down the night before will help jumpstart you the next morning.

Prepare for Downtime

Not everything goes as planned all the time. Make sure you allow some room for mistakes, interruptions, or emergencies. You will be more efficient and successful if you learn to work and handle unforeseen setbacks.

Get the Big Stuff Finished First

Accomplish the goals that you think are the hardest first, this will take stress from the rest of the day. You’ll feel more productive as well, knowing you got the big tasks handled already. Should any interruptions occur, you’ll at least know you got the important matters handled.

Make Use of Technology

Maybe you are studying for those pesky finals, working on some art homework, or watching a movie. Modern technology can help you track your time and stay on track to accomplishing your goals.

Consider a daily planner app, simple timer/reminder services, scheduler and to-do lists. These are available on virtually every smartphone/device and super useful.

Realize that Success Does Not Come Quickly

The sooner you realize that you cannot accomplish everything all at once, you will become a more patient, efficient individual. There is always going to be more time available to finish that big project, complete your homework, or achieve your fitness goals. Set aside some time to relax and reflect, remember, you will always have more time. Life is a marathon, not a race, and it’s important to focus on the fact that you are making an effort to complete your goals. However small, however long it takes you, you are moving forward, be thankful!

written by Charlie Blackman on Sept 19th 2017

Photo by Andy Beales from unsplash.com

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