Changes to Expect after Moving to a Big City for the First Time

Moving from a small city to a big city can be daunting. As a youth or an individual with a small family who just found a new job, there is the expected excitement of moving to a new life. You will be prepared for the obvious changes, like the cost of living and traffic. However, some quirks do not sink in your mind until you experience them after living in the city for some time. There are general traits of the major cities, but the mileage may differ depending on several factors. These may include the things you are used to and the neighborhood. These are just some of the common complaints, but there are more changes to expect which include;

Stressful trips to the stores

Due to the vast amount of people, there are more obstacles in the city. While living in the small town, it is easy to make fast and stress-free trips to the grocery or drug store. In big cities, things are different. You may require fighting for things like parking spots. You will also have to push through the crowd and wait in line for some time. Such inconveniences may make your trip a long endeavor.

It, however, depends on what you are used to and where you choose to live in the city. It will also rely on the layout of the store but it is hard to navigate in crowded places, and that is one thing you need to keep in mind. To avoid this, you have to shop at the right time. Do your shopping during the weekdays or your off hours when the store is not crowded. For example, if you love watching football or you are a player, the best time to carry out the shopping errands is on Sundays and not Saturdays.

The parking rules are different

Most people living in cities complain about parking more than anything else. Finding a parking spot is tough. Some of the things to keep in mind include;

  • It is an expense that you cannot avoid
  • The parking signs are everywhere, but the rules will vary from one street to another. If you do not follow them correctly, you could pay a fine.
  • Your employer may not reimburse your parking cost, and you should, therefore, never assume it is free once you get a job.
  • You may be required to move your car for example during the sweeping hours, and it happens on most days of the week.
Waiting for tables is a common thing to expect

It is wrong to say that all restaurants in the cities have a wait, but it is nice to put in mind that at times that has to be the way. It is not an obvious obstacle, but it is nice to be prepared. Waiting for a spot in a bar or restaurant at times is unavoidable especially during weekends. You can avoid this by going early or learn to make reservations before heading to your dinner or meetings.

Driving can be a challenge

Even beyond congestion, driving big cities can be a challenge. The roads are designed in confusing layouts especially if you are not used to living in the city. The streets have been given different names, and the constructions are constant, and you could easily get lost.

You should avoid relying on the GPS since although it is an excellent way to move in the city, it is better if you do it from your dependence as it can help you become more familiar with the town’s layout. Also, test different routes to know which one works best.

You should also put in mind that traffic rules might be different. You should, therefore, learn the rules of the road before you move.

Personal space is hard to get

Other than being constantly surrounded by many individuals, adjusting to personal space can be hard too. When walking down the street or riding the subway or while waiting on the checking line, you should get used to staying parked to people. Be aware of pickpocketers in such situations.

As a young person, living in the city can come in with some inconveniences since you desire to keep going in and out carrying your errands each day. You wish to have fun with friends and families too, and you may find it hard to adjust to the changes. Being aware of them will, however, keep you prepared and you get to enjoy the many advantages that come with living in a big city.

written by Chelsea Benton on Sept 22nd 2017

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